Help Me Find Some Valentine Corsage Components

The Christmas season was a busy one for me. There really hasn’t been much of a break either because Valentine’s Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s Day, and Easter are all clumped up together this year! I love to make corsages for all types of holidays- so I am busy putting things together now.

 Be My Valentine Couple CorsageI have a difficult time finding suitable components for Valentine’s Day corsages. It is easy to find all sorts of vintage Christmas trims, and Easter stuff is pretty plentiful too. I was fortunate and found a large stash of vintage St. Patrick’s Day components last year. I even have some vintage millinery shamrocks! If you have any ideas for good vintage items to put in a Valentine’s corsage, let me know. I have a few hearts and vintage picks, but not much spun cotton. I made some myself from vintage spun cotton doll heads by adding chenille bodies, but I wonder what was originally used…


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