Making Vintage Christmas Corsages This Summer!

The days are getting longer and warmer – and almost every evening we have some sort of rain event! It’s that time of year again… While all of you folks are out there eating barbecue and having fun on vacation, I’m making vintage corsages for my Etsy shop! Why would I forego the potato salad and sun tan lotion? Because I’ve got to get ready for my biggest sale event of the year…

Retro Aqua & Red Christmas Elf CorsageCHRISTMAS IN JULY is only six weeks away! Yes – I know it seems a little weird to have Christmas trims scattered out all over my dining room table on Memorial Day weekend – but I want to make sure I have plenty of wonderful stuff to list before July. I am looking for some interesting combinations to put together – in addition to popular past creations. What do you think of this retro aqua and red look? The elves are so sweet – don’t you remember hanging stuff like that on your tree years ago? I also mixed in a lot of variety of mercury glass bulbs in this one… indents, tinsel flowers, mercury glass pine cones… It’s a real sparkler! Do you have a favorite color combination for a vintage Christmas look?


Pink Christmas in my Heart CorsageOf course, red and green continue to be the MOST popular color combination for a retro Christmas, but anther popular color is pink. I get more requests for custom Christmas orders for pink corsages than any other color combo. Fortunately, pink was a very popular color for the holidays in the 1950s, and there are lots of pink Christmas-themed ornaments and party favors that are suitable for use in corsages. Here is a pretty angel with a spun cotton head and pink tulle wings and gown. This is called my Pink Christmas in my Heart Corsage – and she holds a little pink mercury glass heart in her hands. Notice all the pink glass – there’s even a pink bottle brush tree!


Watch for these corsages and more to be listed before July in my Etsy shop – and sign up to my blog and be notified first for upcoming sales and discount codes. Let me know if you have a special vision for a corsage – I’ll see if I can put it together and post it here for you to see!

Enjoy the barbecue! I’m off to find some vintage Santas!



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