Vintage Christmas Tea Cups, Hankies & Corsages

Poinsettia Tea Cup, Corsage, and Hankie Gift SetI found some GORGEOUS holiday tea cups and hankies recently – and have made some mini-corsages to go with them in gift boxes. Two of them are stunning bone china from Royal Albert, England. These are so delicate, but have the brightest detailed poinsettias… They match the hankies like they were made for each other! What a sweet little Santa!


Beautiful – and I’ll be listing these in my Etsy shop soon.




Here’s one from  Lefton. It has a much simpler pattern, but it is just beautiful and comes with aLefton Holly Gift Set beautiful hankie and corsage also. Click on the photo to see an enlargement. All my tea cups come gift boxed and are ready for gifting right away.

Stop back by – I’ll be posting a coupon code on the last week of June so readers of my blog will get a discount on their “Christmas in July” purchases in my Etsy Shop BEFORE anybody else! You can subscribe to the blog and get an email notification when I add more info and upload more photos…

Holiday Tea Cup Gift Box

Making Vintage Christmas Corsages This Summer!

The days are getting longer and warmer – and almost every evening we have some sort of rain event! It’s that time of year again… While all of you folks are out there eating barbecue and having fun on vacation, I’m making vintage corsages for my Etsy shop! Why would I forego the potato salad and sun tan lotion? Because I’ve got to get ready for my biggest sale event of the year…

Retro Aqua & Red Christmas Elf CorsageCHRISTMAS IN JULY is only six weeks away! Yes – I know it seems a little weird to have Christmas trims scattered out all over my dining room table on Memorial Day weekend – but I want to make sure I have plenty of wonderful stuff to list before July. I am looking for some interesting combinations to put together – in addition to popular past creations. What do you think of this retro aqua and red look? The elves are so sweet – don’t you remember hanging stuff like that on your tree years ago? I also mixed in a lot of variety of mercury glass bulbs in this one… indents, tinsel flowers, mercury glass pine cones… It’s a real sparkler! Do you have a favorite color combination for a vintage Christmas look?


Pink Christmas in my Heart CorsageOf course, red and green continue to be the MOST popular color combination for a retro Christmas, but anther popular color is pink. I get more requests for custom Christmas orders for pink corsages than any other color combo. Fortunately, pink was a very popular color for the holidays in the 1950s, and there are lots of pink Christmas-themed ornaments and party favors that are suitable for use in corsages. Here is a pretty angel with a spun cotton head and pink tulle wings and gown. This is called my Pink Christmas in my Heart Corsage – and she holds a little pink mercury glass heart in her hands. Notice all the pink glass – there’s even a pink bottle brush tree!


Watch for these corsages and more to be listed before July in my Etsy shop – and sign up to my blog and be notified first for upcoming sales and discount codes. Let me know if you have a special vision for a corsage – I’ll see if I can put it together and post it here for you to see!

Enjoy the barbecue! I’m off to find some vintage Santas!



Mother’s Day Sale

Pink Lusterware SetThinking about that tea cup gift set with a matching corsage and vintage hankie? Check out the shop now – all sets are on sale  $5.00 off through Mother’s Day! There are still a number of beautiful tea cup and demitasse cup selections, so stop by now and pick up a one of a kind gift for Mom now! Use coupon code BLOG10 and get an ADDITIONAL 10% off! What are you waiting for?!

A Mother’s Day Gift She’ll Remember

Vintage Orchid Tea Cup SetHere is a terrific idea for a Mother’s Day gift she will never forget… I have collected some gorgeous vintage tea cups – and paired them with matching vintage hankies and made mini corsages to match with vintage millinery flowers. Look at this set – the floral pattern features hand painted orchids, and the lace on the hankie has orchids in the  pattern. I found a beautiful vintage pink orchid and made a corsage pin out of it. All will be carefully wrapped together and tucked into a lovely gift box tied with a tulle bow. I’ll also tuck in some vintage-style gift tags so you can write a special note!



Lefton Pink Roses Demitasse Cup & Saucer Set
Lefton Pink Roses Demitasse Cup & Saucer Set

I also have a number of demitasse cup & saucer sets. The demitasse cups are smaller than standard tea cups, but are just as pretty and are perfect for expresso or hot chocolate. They are so delicate and feminine – perfect for gifting. I have paired them up with vintage hankies and corsage pins too. They also come gift boxed.

The tea cup / demitasse cup gift sets in my shop are one of a kind gifts and I have taken extraordinary care to ensure that the components are perfectly matched to please the most discrimating Mom! They make terrific gifts, but they are really starting to move, so stop by and select one soon! It’s an affordable gift option at an attractive price – sets range from $30 – $50.
Little Gardener Hankie and Mini Corsage Set
In case you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift without a cup & saucer, consider a matching hankie with a mini corsage or tussie mussie pin. I have a number of lovely vintage hankies with matching millinery pins that come gift boxed and start at just $9.99! They make wonderful  and very affordable gifts – so maybe you can afford to remember Grandma with a special gift too! Stop by the ship and check out the selection!


I have a number of Easter corsages currently in the shop and they are all on sale at great prices! Easter comes very early this year – so if you were thinking about getting a corsage to wear or give as a gift – make your purchase this week so you have it in plenty of time… Please note – I am not selling corsages on Ebay this season – so you will need to purchase them through my Etsy shop – click on the link if you don’t have it bookmarked!

Blue and Yellow Bunny Gift SetHere’s a really cute little gift boxed set in a petite size that is suitable for a child or a woman who prefers a smaller corsage.. It comes with a matching vintage hankie and a bright blue and yellow theme with a vintage bunny too! Click on the thumbnail to see a larger shot – or go to the shop and see additional photos.




Spun Cotton Garden Easter CorsageI love this Easter Corsage – I made little flowers with faces from vintage spun cotton heads. A vintage spun cotton Easter Bunny looks over the flowers. It’s made in bright spring colors – and would look great worn or displayed! It’s listed in the shop at a very reduced price – but only until Easter!




Come on in the shop and see these corsages, and several others! Sale prices are only good through April 8. Use coupon code BLOG10 at check out and you’ll get an additional 10% off sale prices until April 8!

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts – Think Vintage Corsage!

Pink Mother's Day Doll Corsage

Pink Roses Mother's Day Doll Corsage

Everybody knows that it’s not nice to forget your Mom on Mother’s Day!!! Let’s just say, it’s not nice for her – OR YOU!!! This year, I’ve come up with a couple interesting gift ideas that I know most Moms would just love. Of course, they involve vintage corsages, but they are not necessarily the same type as the ones I make for other special events and holidays. These are made with vintage doll fragments.


The dolls originally came from a factory in Germany that closed long ago. There are thousands of doll fragments in the soil where these factories originally stood. You can buy the fragments on Etsy or Ebay now. They are not exactly cheap, but you could get a small head for around $4 – $5. A piece like the one in this corsage that features a head and a torso is considerably more. Depending on condition, they can sell for $15-20 each. Isn’t she beautiful? It’s hard to believe that something so fragile could have survived all these years! You can find babies, little girls and boys, men, and women doll parts. I especially like the “flapper style” women dolls.


Mother's Day Doll Corsage Taupe

Here is another similar corsage, it’s actually a bit smaller in size. Instead of all peachy pink, this one is very pale pink with taupe velvet. It’s got a gorgeous doll fragment tucked into the flowers. She has a long stem rose in her hands and she is holding it to her chest. The flowers in this corsage are so pretty – I love the taupe highlights – it would go with a lot of different jackets because it is a neutral color. Click on the thumbnail and check it out. Don’t you think this would be pretty to display – even if Mom doesn’t want to wear it? Many of my customers don’t actually wear their corsages, but display them leaning against small easels – like the ones you can buy at Micheals or a craft shop. I display them like that on my fireplace mantle at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween!

Stay tuned to my blog! Soon I’ll show you an incredible tea cup set made just for Moms!

My Vintage Hankie and Tea Cup and Addiction

Seafoam tea cup gift setLately, I have become addicted to vintage tea cups. I love them all, but I particularly love the one with reticulated saucers and footed or pedestal bases. They just seem to go so well with millinery flowers and ladies hankies from the 40s and 50s. I have so much fun matching them up in groupings that I package to sell as gift sets. I have a box of old hankies and boxes of cups and saucers. Every once in a while I’ll pull them out and pair them up. Once I find the perfect cup nd hankie combination, then I’ll sift through piles of millinery flowers to make a matching corsage or tussie mussie in. The result is lovely – they truly were made for each other!


Bright Pink Leaves HankieNever throw away those old hankies when you find them! You can use them in so many ways – in addition to continuing to use them as an alternative to kleenex! You can stitch them together in a quilt top, add a silk ribbon and use them as a gift bag, or tuck them in a card as a special”thank you.” If you see a stain or storage mark, just soak them warm water and some oxy clean. The only types of hankies that don’t work well with this type of soak are the nylon ones that have flocked decorations on them. The cotton and linen ones do just fine and come out looking great! The hankie in this photo looks as good now as it did when it was made over 50 years ago. Anybody would be thrilled to receive it!

St. Patrick’s Day Vintage Corsages are now available in the shop!

Paper Mache Leprechaun St. Patrick's Day CorsageIt’s so much fun to “get on your green” by wearing a corsage full of vintage goodies on St. Patrick’s Day! I have collected so many different types and styles of shamrocks – and quite a few different leprechauns as well. This one has a paper mache head and is at least 60 years old. Adorable, huh?





Irish Relatives CorsageThis one has a great collection of vintage leprechauns with spun cotton heads and funny little hats. Notice that this corsage has different varieties of shamrocks, and also a pair of vintage green bells. 




Head over to the shop and check out these festive beauties – and all my corsages!

Election 2012 Patriotic Corsages

Vintage Uncle Sam Democrat Corsage - SOLDForgot to mention that political patriotic corsages are now available! I had a couple posted on my website (one Democrat and one Republican) and the Democrat one already sold – so I need to get busy and make some more. With an election coming up – lots of ladies are sporting their political affiliation by wearing one! Corsages are a lot more fun to look at than watching mean-spirited campaign ads on TV, and they’re sure to put a smile on everyone’s face!

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