Unique Mother’s Day Gifts – Think Vintage Corsage!

Pink Mother's Day Doll Corsage

Pink Roses Mother's Day Doll Corsage

Everybody knows that it’s not nice to forget your Mom on Mother’s Day!!! Let’s just say, it’s not nice for her – OR YOU!!! This year, I’ve come up with a couple interesting gift ideas that I know most Moms would just love. Of course, they involve vintage corsages, but they are not necessarily the same type as the ones I make for other special events and holidays. These are made with vintage doll fragments.


The dolls originally came from a factory in Germany that closed long ago. There are thousands of doll fragments in the soil where these factories originally stood. You can buy the fragments on Etsy or Ebay now. They are not exactly cheap, but you could get a small head for around $4 – $5. A piece like the one in this corsage that features a head and a torso is considerably more. Depending on condition, they can sell for $15-20 each. Isn’t she beautiful? It’s hard to believe that something so fragile could have survived all these years! You can find babies, little girls and boys, men, and women doll parts. I especially like the “flapper style” women dolls.


Mother's Day Doll Corsage Taupe

Here is another similar corsage, it’s actually a bit smaller in size. Instead of all peachy pink, this one is very pale pink with taupe velvet. It’s got a gorgeous doll fragment tucked into the flowers. She has a long stem rose in her hands and she is holding it to her chest. The flowers in this corsage are so pretty – I love the taupe highlights – it would go with a lot of different jackets because it is a neutral color. Click on the thumbnail and check it out. Don’t you think this would be pretty to display – even if Mom doesn’t want to wear it? Many of my customers don’t actually wear their corsages, but display them leaning against small easels – like the ones you can buy at Micheals or a craft shop. I display them like that on my fireplace mantle at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween!

Stay tuned to my blog! Soon I’ll show you an incredible tea cup set made just for Moms!

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